Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: The Wedding Ceremony


It was the day of my wedding ceremony.

I started my preparations early in the morning.


I put on a ceremonial military uniform decorated with splendid ornaments, and was going towards the castle now.

I was using an exclusive carriage to ride from my mansion to the castle.
It was a white, opened type carriage.

When I arrived at the castle, I immediately hurried to the main hall.
The marriage ceremony would take place at sunrise.

The nobles were already inside the hall, waiting.
While greeting them all, I waited for my bride.


She’s here……..and she’s absolutely beautiful…………


She was wearing a black dress, the color of the Frontier Count’s Household.
And this black dress was plentifully decorated with gold threads, something only suitable for dukes and those with higher court ranks.
Even the nobles who were used to extravagant things let out sights without even realizing.

Bea’s beautiful face was not paling in comparison with the dress; on the contrary, her face was gathering all the attention.

Her white skin seemed transparent, and her fascinatingly elegant black hair was dancing in the wind like silk threads.
Her cherry blossom lips were accentuating her beautiful features, especially her long slit eyes; she possessed both a mature beauty and sweetness at the same time.
Nothing but ‘peerless beauty’ came to mind when looking at her.


While all the attendants were watching in fascination, we started the wedding rituals, basking in the morning sun.

We took a love oath in front of the priest – the servant of the gods, and the spirit – the messenger of the gods.

“I vow that my love for you will never change until death do us part.”
“I vow that my love for you will never change until death do us part.”

“The gods have heard and accepted your oath. They offer you their blessings.”
(Dad, Mom, I wish you happiness.)


Simultaneously with the priest’s words, the gates were opened.

Holding our hands, we started walking towards the gates.


“Bea……You look incredibly beautiful.”
“…….Thank you.”


A carriage was already prepared for us once we came forth through the gates.
We got help from the attendants, all dressed in white, and got on the carriage. We departed towards the castle town.
It was time for the parade.



100 black knights wearing ceremonial clothes and ornaments were surrounding and protecting the carriage.
They were the carefully selected elite unit.

The parade troupe was slowly advancing, surrounded by the loud cheers of the townspeople.
Bea and I were constantly smiling and waving our hands from inside the carriage.

“Beatrice-sama, you’re so beautiful!”
“Woaaa, mother, she’s so beautiful.”
“Zest-sama! Look over here!”
“The black knights! So cool!”


We slowly paraded through the castle town.

We paraded for half a day.
Skipping some of the steps was not allowed.


In the evening, we returned to the castle.

We moved to the main hall and the party started.


“Thank you everyone for gathering in such large numbers to this joyous event, the marriage between our empire’s leading figures, the Duke and the Duchess.”

In the time his Majesty was giving his speech, I was looking around me, smiling.
The Emperor was attending the party too.
It was the first time he attended a marriage ceremony outside of the imperial capital.
It showed how important this marriage ceremony actually was.

Bea, you don’t need to wave your hand anymore.
Return to your senses.

Her eyes looked vacant, so I nonchalantly held her hand down.
The fatigue was gradually reaching its peak……..

The Emperor’s greeting finished and we moved to salute the guests.


I finished listening to all their greetings, even though my consciousness was about to leave me at times.

Could I finally rest for a bit?



It was time for dancing!


We had to do an opening dance since we were the leading figures of the night.

I used some healing magic on Bea, and approached her ear.

“Are you all right? You don’t have to overdo it, you know?”
“I’m fine. I’ll do my best!”

We motivated each other and finished in grand style.


We returned to our seats with great difficulty.

Could I finally take it easy?






We had to cope with the line of new guests who were waiting to greet us!


Smiling, I shook their hands, but I ignored all their greetings.

At this point, I couldn’t understand anything they were saying anymore.


The forced handshake meeting somehow reached its ending.


Could I finally rest?





It was time for changing our attire!



I returned to the waiting room, and finally got to eat something that was not very appropriate for a noble.
It was my first meal for the day.
I didn’t even have the time to go to the toilet, so I peed in a pot that I found in a corner of the room.
It wasn’t even funny, I had no other choice.




Once we finished changing clothes, we returned to the main hall.


Could I finally take it easy?





It was time for the second dance round!



Even though my physical strength recovered a little, I was still feeling drowsy.


I finished the dance, trying my best to keep my face muscles from becoming stiff from all that smiling.

I took Bea’s hand and returned to our seats.



Could I finally relax?





It was time for a handshake meeting with the lower nobles!



This time were the lower nobles…..

I finished it fast, since all the greetings were the same.






Could I finally take it easy for a bit?





It was time for thanking and escorting the leaving guests!



First, we had to salute the Emperor.

“Just for a little longer, do your best!”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you, your Majesty.”


He encouraged us in a low voice, and I felt a little better.


We greeted all the other guests and saw them off.



Could I finally rest?




It was time to salute everybody still present and take our leave!




We turned towards the attendants inside the main hall, expressed our gratitude and left.



Could I finally take a moment to relax?







It was time for setting up the bridal night!



The maids took off all my clothes and washed my naked body.

At this point I didn’t feel anything anymore, not even embarrassment nor happiness.
Disinterested, I let them wash my body.


With my body shining, I returned to the appointed room.




Could I finally just take it easy for a moment?







It was time for the bridal night!




A few noble married women were watching over us, as we did our ‘thing’.




Bea and I exchanged glances……..We did our best.





Once we finished, we got moved to another room.


Someone was in the middle of validating the marriage, by checking the sheets.




Could I finally relax?






It was time for hearing the results!




The woman in charge of checking the sheets came in front of us.


“I certainly saw it with my own eyes. I have no objections.”

Everyone lowered their heads, as we left the room.






Could I finally rest?


Could I finally take a moment to breathe?



Yes, I could!!


“Bea, it’s over………..”
“Yes…..I’m so tired……”

We both collapsed on the bed and couldn’t move anymore.

“I understand now why nobles don’t usually get a divorce……No one wants to do this time and time again.”
“Yeah…….I never thought it would be like this………”


I used my arm as a pillow for Bea’s head and was gradually falling asleep.


“But since it finally finished……I can feel at ease now.”




Did Bea fall sleep already?……..
I’ll sleep too then……








“……………..You have to do your best for your marriage with her Highness, Princess Tsubaki too!”







I felt my consciousness drifting away and I desperately tried to convince myself it was because of sleepiness………….
Do I have to do this whole thing………..more……time……..?

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
DA BEST (among the worst): Mockii


10 thoughts on “Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 59

  1. The whole noblewomen watching think might have some basis in reality. The whole idea of noble marriage where a marriage wasn’t legitimate until it was consumated and the need to confirm that the bride was a virgin and has been deflowered on her wedding bed. Witnesses were needed to make sure they actually did the act, didn’t just drop a bit of animal blood on the sheet instead or something like that. It was all to make sure they were both ready and able to make heirs and there was no chance the bride might have lost her virginity and be pregnant already and planning to cuckold him.Legitimate bloodlines were pretty important for nobles in those times. Married noblewomen were used since they wouldn’t take the word of a commoner as a witness and surely proper, modest noble wives wouldn’t be aroused by watching other people in the act, right? Of course not……
    But yeah. Today? It’d be a totally bizarre situation.

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